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Catamaran Cruise

Choose a catamaran cruise and you will not regret it. You͚ will get to see different beaches, views, shapes and colours of rock formations, you will be able to swim at Hot Springs, snorkel along the cliffs of the caldera and enjoy a great BBQ on board.

You will be picked up from your accommodation and taken to the port where you board the catamaran. Your cruise leads you first to the Red Beach where you will stop for great pictures in this fascinating background and you'll have the opportunity to swim and snorkel. Off to the White Beach, which is reachable only by boat, so enjoy the sight and capture it. From here you'll cruise along the south coast until you pass the lighthouse to reach the Caldera of Santorini. The Caldera is the crater of a massive volcano eruption that formed the archipelagos about 3.600 years ago. If the winds help you will sail along the cliffs, being able to marvel at fascinating rock formations and the whitewashed houses perched on the hillside. In the centre of the Caldera there are two islets which are still volcanic active, Palaia Kameni (the Old Burnt) with the Hot Springs, a thermal sulfur bay you͛ll be able to swim in, and Nea Kameni (the New Burnt), where one can find the active crater. Before your cruise finishes, you are able to enjoy a nice meal: BBQ grilled on board, salads, pasta or seafood depending on the tour you book. And there are several choices: you can do a morning cruise or include the sunset, you are able to book private tours or semi-private and of course you can choose between different meals. Have we woken your interest? Send Inquiry Now!

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