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Santorini Boat Tour

Exploring Santorini‘s islets and Caldera by boat is a unique and adventurous way to get to know the island.

You board one of the wooden sail boats, get to visit the volcano, the Hot Spring and the sister island Thirassia and you can even choose to include the sunset on board. What you will enjoy most are the views of the Caldera and the white washed houses perched at the cliffside. After a short boat ride to the island of Nea Kameni (the New Burnt) your guide will lead you all the way up to the active volcanic crater explaining you the story of how a massive volcano eruption about 3.600 years ago formed the archipelagos, famous as Santorini today.


The second stop of your boat cruise is Palaia Kameni (the Old Burnt) where you will anchor and be allowed to swim in the Hot Springs, a thermal sulfur bay next to the little chapel of Saint Nicolauos. You would have the chance to visit Thirassia, a small islet still forgotten by the Tourism industry. There at the old port Korfos you can choose to have lunch at one of the numerous taverns or you can use the about 2 hours free time to climb up the steps and walk through the narrow paths of this still very unspoiled and authentic island. There are several choices of tours and we would be happy to help you pick the right one. Some start in the morning, some in the afternoon. Some include transfer, for others you need to make your way to the port. Some include dinner and sunset on board, others drop you off at the port of Oia to watch the sunset from there.


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