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We arrived by cruise ship. And we’re 1st off at 7.15am. No queues for cable car. Waited for Marcus who was smack bang on time. Lovely man. Friendly. Genuinely Interested in you. Extremely knowledgeable. He Tailored our tour to suit us. As we don’t like wine. So he took us to the monastery to see the amazing views. You could literally see the whole width of island. So we did majority of Island in 4 hours. I’d say Not worth going on any of the beaches. We saw red and black beach. Red beach is actuallydangerous to go on. Signs everywhere. They’ve had 2 landslides I think this year. But people still on them. Water very lovely mind. Oia was stunning but get there early before 1000’s arrive. Marcus got us water twice and a coffee. Very generous too. DO NOT USE DONKEYS. THEY ARE TREATED BADLY. we started joining queue about 1.30 to get cable car back. Long queues then. But they moved fairly quick. Allow 1 hour I’d say to get back down. And don’t leave to last minute especially if on a cruise.4 people missed the cruise ship! S


tunning island. Fantastic tour. Would Highly recommend !!! Thank you Marcus we loved you


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