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Apart from the discovery trips and adventures we offer, there are of course other ways to explore the island, for example, boat tours.

There are several ways to help you organize our activities:

Catamaran Cruises, where you can visit the Red, White and a black beach. You have the opportunity to swim in the Hot Springs and enjoy a BBQ on board.

Kayak adventures in the south of the island, explore the interesting lava formations that the volcano erruption has left behind.

Volcanic tours performed within the caldera. Climb to visit the still active volcano crater, swim in the hot springs and enjoy your lunch on the sister island of Thirassia.

With helicopter flights you can explore the island from the air, an experience of a very special kind.

Windsurfing or other water sports such as snorkeling, diving or even horse riding contribute to the completion of an unforgettable holiday.

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