Santorini Food & Wine Tour

Let yourself free and feel the true nature of Santorini by following us in our Food & Wine Tour. 

Embrace the finest goods of the island, its superb wines and its tasty agricultural products in the most amusing way!


When one asks a local his opinion about Santorini always gets the same answer, Santorini is a blessed place. How can an island, which is on top of a volcano, where the lack of water is part of the everyday life, with winds so strong that forbid the development of almost any kind of plantation, be considered a blessed land? Sounds like the definition of paradox! The answer to that is given by just four words, amazingly tasty agricultural products. Because of the lack of water all the vegetables of the island become smaller than the normal but with very concentrated and powerful taste. For someone who wants to have Santorini under his skin, tasting its delicacies is more than important. 


Follow George, our local wine expert in an unforgettable excursion in the heart of the Santorinian gastronomy. At the beginning you will visit two of the most celebrate wineries of the island. There, with the help of George you will learn about the indigenous grape varieties, Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani and their unique cultivation system, the famous “kouloura”. You will hear about the history of every one of the wineries and then you will decide about their wines since in each of them you will have a degustation of four wines, eight in total. But the best part is still to come. Next station to our journey of Santorinian flavors will be a local farm at the southern part of the island. You will walk through cultivations of the famous Santorinian tomatoes, the small cherry tomatoes that look like small pumpkins famous for their sweetness. You will get to know three of the most distinctive products of the island, the white eggplants, the local “katsouni”, the most refreshing cucumber you will have tasted in your life and of course the yellow fava beans, the most renowned Santorinian agricultural product. Then, under the guidance of a charming local cook, you will master the art of cooking like a local. Using the fresh products of the farm you will make your own Santorinian salad, using tomatoes, katsouni, capers and “chloro cheese” and then the two most traditional dishes of the island, paste from fava beans and tomatoballs. At the end, all together we will sit and enjoy our meal, with a glass of a refreshing homemade wine, while staring at the Aegean sea with the gentle caress of the breeze on our delighted faces.




  • Children up to 10 years participate for free
  • A bottle of water and the wine tasting are included
  • Pick up and drop off at a place of your choice
  • You should wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat and sun blocker
  • All taxes and wine tasting fees included

As this is a private tour, it is possible to customize, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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