Shore excursions or Private tours in Santorini


Tours in Santorini? Live the dream with us!

Let SantoriniExperts guide you in Santorini and show you this beautiful island through the eyes of a local. Either it is on a private tour in Santorini or a shore excursion, a guided tour for senior tourists or for families with young children, a tour or an exploration off the beaten paths, SantoriniExperts are here to make your vacation memorable and ultimately enjoyable.


First Impressions

First time in Santorini? If yes, do not hesitate to book that Santorini day tour and you will visit the most wonderful places

Panoramic Santorini

Discover the most beautiful Greek island, accompanied by a fun guide and without walking  a lot of steps or steep paths.

Hidden Paths

This Santorini private or semi-private tour is a great opportunity for those who like to explore spots off the beaten track. 

Santorini flavours

Come with us to a local farm, explore the secrets of the Santorinian agriculture and tantalize your taste buds with local treats. 

Santorini Photo Tour

Explore Santorini and let your PhotoExpert show you the best spots of the island, perfect for taking great pictures.

Santorini Tasting Tour

Unveil the secrets of Santorini by using your most memorable senses, smell and taste.

Semiprivate Santorini Wine Tour

Following our WineExpert in your Semiprivate Wines of Santorini excursion!

Santorini Food & Wine Tour

Let yourself free and feel the true nature of Santorini by following us in our Food & Wine Tour. 

Caldera Hike – Small Group Tour

hike tour along the edge of Santorinis Caldera, following paths that have been walked on for centuries. 

Exploration Trail

Follow us on discovering the highest peak to the"Ghost town"

Discover Thirassia Private

Explore the authentic, unspoiled "sister island" opposite Santorini. Discover Thirassia in this private tour that will take you to unique places and sites of the island!

Discover Thirassia - Group

Come with us on a semi-private tour to explore Thirassia. Meet the locals, walk through tranditional paths and discover hidden cave houses!

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