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Keep up with SantoriniExperts and learn everything about Oia, Fira and Thirassia island, from useful tips for your trip to suggestions for various activities.

An important site really worth visiting on Santorini, not only for the faithful in the Orthodox religion, is the oldest church of the island: Panagia Episkopi, a former bishop's church from the Middle Byzantine period.

Santorini is a volcanic island in which the famous caldera and picturesque white and blue villages are perched upon the precipice of what was once the crater of a volcano. Upon your visit to Santorini, a boat excursion to discover the volcanic islets and the sister island of Thirassia, is a must!

Black, Red, White… oh my!

When most people think of Santorini, their minds tend to imagine the amazing cliffside, known as the famous caldera, and the plethora of white buildings and blue-domed churches perched along its precipice.  While this gorgeous volcanic island has the magnificent caldera stretched across its west coast, offering a splendor of layered colors representing its rich volcanic history, it is important to note the magnitude of gorgeous beaches outlining the entire south and east coast of the island.

While on the magnificent island of Santorini, every visitor should find out the best and most memorable things one should do and just as importantly, what one should not do.  Read below the blog of Santorini’s do’s and don’ts, where I (an avid Santorini traveler and blog writer) examine the things I believe to be the best-of-the-best experiences and advice you should not miss out on.



For a unique and astonishing look at Santorini and a chance to completely escape the tourist bustle, a hike on the unspoiled island of Thirassia is exemplary. Nearly deserted, but for a few locals, Santorini’s sister island, Thirassia, has all of Santorini’s natural splendor without the crowds.



Are you an explorer that likes to take your time, enjoy each moment, and truly take in your new surroundings with all your senses?  Do you like to stop and take many photos to create lasting memories and ones you can share with others?  Do you enjoy breathing in the fresh air of your new environment, soaking in the sunshine, nature, plants and animals you encounter along the way? Do you like to stroll at your own pace, stopping when and for however long you like?  If you answered yes to these questions and would consider yourself an adventurer and nature lover, then hiking Santorini is the perfect way to experience and truly absorb all its glory! Santorini is a hiker’s paradise!  

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