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Santorini is the most romantic destination to visit during the summer holiday season, there is no doubt about it! And it is a quiet and peaceful place in the winter offseason for people who like to travel when the others don't.


But if you think about visiting Santorini for the day of lovers you should know some things in advance:
First of all, be prepared – February is the coldest of the winter months on the island and it might get very windy and rainy. That's why you should bring proper clothes and dress appropriate.


For a couple of years now it's noticeable that every year more tourists decide to visit Santorini during off season and there are numerous hotels open to accommodate them. Still, most places stay closed as well as a lot of restaurants and taverns. So it is very important that your arrangements include a reservation for your Valentine's dinner. Let us know if you need recommendations, we would be happy to help you.
Museums and the Archaeological sites welcome their visitors in the winter as well. You should check their opening times and closing days before you plan to dive into history.


Several tour companies provide their services. On certain days you can go o a boat trip or a catamaran sailing through the caldera. We would love to take you on one of our private tours so we can show off our beautiful island, you could even think about including the sunset for the romantic part. Just let us know.
In Fira, which is the center and the heart of Santorini, you will find a lot of shops if you need a last minute gift for your spouse. And of course you will be able to find some coffee shops and bars to enjoy the stunning view while sipping your Valentine's cocktail.
After all, Santorini is a very good choice to spend the Lover's Day, it just needs some organization.


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