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Santorini is a volcanic island in which the famous caldera and picturesque white and blue villages are perched upon the precipice of what was once the crater of a volcano. Upon your visit to Santorini, a boat excursion to discover the volcanic islets and the sister island of Thirassia, is a must!



  This type of boat tour will take you to the dormant volcano on Nea Kameni, over to Palaia Kameni to swim in the hot springs, then follow with a short, but sweet stop at the sister island of Thirassia. The volcano and the geological changes it swept this island with over the ages, is what gives the island its beauty and charm. You can board a wooden boat that will take you to all 3 destinations, which looks and feels like a pirate ship. 



  The first stop is at the volcano, located on the islet of Nea Kameni, meaning the “new burnt” volcano island. Here, you would disembark the boat, receive a short explanation of the volcanic history of Santorini and then be given an hour of free time to explore and climb to the crater. The views from the top are amazing as you can really witness the beauty of the caldera from across the lagoon. The walk to the top takes about 30 minutes, where you can easily still smell the sulphur penetrating the ground and feel the heat coming up from below. Make sure you take plenty of water and protect yourself from the sun. 




  Next, you get back on the boat and head over to Palaia Kameni, meaning the “old burnt” volcano island, which is located right next to Nea Kameni in the middle of the lagoon.  For this experience, being a strong swimmer is a must. The boat takes you about 30 meters from the hot springs, where you must jump off the boat and swim into the yellow, much warmer and shallower waters.  This experience is incredible, not to mention therapeutic and a health source because of the rich sulphorous water. Although they call this the hot springs, the water is honestly more lukewarm than hot. This is quite inviting though on a hot summer day as you swim in from the cooler waters of the Aegean Sea. 



  The final stop is at the sister island of Thirassia, located directly opposite of Santorini in which they give you about an hour of free time to enjoy a nice meal, walk up the many steps to the village, or just explore at your leisure. This small, unspoiled, quiet island, is certainly worth a return visit to spend more time and truly explore it fully as it offers one a true sense of a traditional island village. The volcano, its history of eruptions throughout the ages, and the transformations it created on this island is what makes Santorini so magical and different from the rest of the Greek islands. So, a boat tour of this nature is a “must” when visiting the island and SantoriniExperts would be happy to help you organize it.




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