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The Greek diet is amongst the healthiest diets on earth and the Santorinian delicacies are not an exception.


One of the most delicious and healthy dishes is the traditional Santorini salad.

All you need are local products such as the world famous cherry tomatoes from Santorini, the special kind of local cucumbers, called “Katsouni” by the locals, capers, caper leaves, olives, goat cheese named "Chloro", Greek olive oil, fresh local thyme and a bit of salt.

How to prepare it? Very easy, very simple! First you place tomatoes and cucumber on a platter. Then top with capers, olives, caper leaves and small pieces of goat cheese. Scatter with thyme and drizzle with olive oil. Ready to be served in no time! During your holidays in Santorini you stay and eat healthy!

Enjoy it or as we say in Greece “kali oreksi”!



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