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Visit the unique "red beach" of Santorini!
Looking for the best beaches in Santorini? Then you should definitely enjoy a day on the Red Beach, near Akrotiri.
Santorini's beaches are famous worldwide, because they are very different from all the other beaches in the world. They might not have the green waters of the Ionian Sea or be covered in palms trees like the exotic beaches of Crete, but they are unique. This is because they were formed by the volcanic eruption, traces of which you can still find in the Red Beach.
The Red Beach is easily accessible and is called "red" because of the volcanic, red rocks that surround it. It is, also, quite small, so if you want to enjoy your swimming in the most crowded beach of the island, you need to get there quite early. However, the magical landscape will take your breath away, so don't miss the chance to visit it as soon as you visit Santorini!

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