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Keep up with SantoriniExperts and learn everything about Oia, Fira and Thirassia island, from useful tips for your trip to suggestions for various activities.

You may wonder, “What could possibly grow so well on an exposed volcanic rock?” The creamy Santorini fava does.

Greece welcomes tourists again, and here at SantoriniExperts we have made sure that your experience with us is as safe as amazing.

Black, Red, White… oh my!


When most people think of Santorini, their minds tend to imagine the amazing cliffside, known as the famous caldera, and the plethora of white buildings and blue-domed churches perched along its precipice.  While this gorgeous volcanic island has the magnificent caldera stretched across its west coast, offering a splendor of layered colors representing its rich volcanic history, it is important to note the magnitude of gorgeous beaches outlining the entire south and east coast of the island.




Part 3 – Touring the island on a Private Tour with Santorini Experts

Boarding a cruise ship to explore the exquisite Greek islands? Do you know how you will spend your one day when you disembark the volcanic island of Santorini? In the previous blogs, I have written about what you may expect if you decide to plan a day unguided and do it alone or if you choose to take one of the large group tours offered by your cruise ship. In this blog, however, I will write about what you could expect if you decided to take a private, customized tour with a local, expert guide from Santorini Experts.


Oh sweet, alluring Santorini… an island that is so special and unique in many ways, is the home to some rare produce that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. One of these exclusive fruits is the white eggplant, which is quite large in size and has a savory sweet taste.

Part 2 – Touring the island on an Organized Group Cruise Tour

Traveling to Santorini on a cruise ship?  Thinking of taking one of the organized group tours that the ship offers?  Read the following blog to see what you may expect.
"Santorini has been on my bucket list most of my life.  I’m happy to say that this old-timer can finally check this one off. We were on a family cruise to discover the islands of Greece for my granddaughter’s college graduation celebration. The itinerary was Patmos on Thursday, Mykonos on Friday and now Santorini.

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