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The SantoriniExperts team, Markos and Kathrin

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Before you go ahead to book a tour with SantoriniExperts allow us to introduce ourselves!


Kalos-irthate, which simply means welcome!! This is your first Greek lesson!

The above greek term is used to welcome our guests, it is not just another Greek word. It shows what characterizes us as SantoriniExperts. We are happy to meet you and are delighted to spend part of your vacation in Santorini together.

Your second Greek lesson is “siga-siga” which has several meanings, like “at a slow pace”, or “take it easy” or simply “we do not need to rush”. Keep in mind it is your time now, your vacation, so you'll enjoy your vacation siga-siga if you choose to book a tour with us.

Apla, your third Greek lesson, reflects our passion for this little island and the true greek values, still found in Santorini. Our aim is not only to show you some of the hidden treasures of Santorini, but also to help you gain a deeper insight regarding the lifestyle, the mindset and traditions of the locals. By sharing personal stories with an amusing and funny way, we aim to make your tour with SantoriniExperts different, because we offer something else.
In case you are still not convinced about our intentions, just continue reading these lines and imagine you are already in Santorini traveling with us around this beautiful, unique island. We share knowledge and lots of information about a variety of different aspects about this fantastic area. It is of immense importance to us to enrich not only your travel experiences, but also your knowledge regarding this spiritual place.

So, again just to summarize it, kalos-irthate, let’s go siga-siga and let us keep it apla!!

And your journey has just started…

Usually we start our tours with some geographical information about Santorini. We know that you travelled a long way to visit this area, so it is very important for us to give you a clear understanding of where you exactly are.
After realising where you are we keep on driving through the island, explaining, sharing and interacting with you.

SantoriniExperts want you to be an active part of your tour and not just only listen to the “guide”.

With our knowledge and enthusiasm, we promise to introduce you to the non-touristical Santorini just like the locals know it.

If you have not been convinced yet, just book a tour with us and leave the rest to us. Last but not least we promise you that at the end of the tour you will be able to know at least ten common Greek terms.

Oh, we forgot to introduce ourselves. We are the SantoriniExperts, two local Greek-German families living in Santorini all year long. Meet our team of knowledgeable, friendly guides aiming to make your stay in Santorini unforgettable!

The SantoriniExperts, Markos and Kathrin

Learn more about Kathrin

Kathrin Vogel your personal contact person for your santorini excursions
My name is Kathrin Vogel I am your personal contact person. Although I am German, by now I live in Santorini for almost 20 years. I am married to Stavros and we have got 3 children. I always knew that I wanted to work in the tourism industry, that's why I studied hotel and restaurant management at the University of Munich. I worked in the offices of the German tour operator FTI in Munich and as a representative in Santorini and Cuba, always responsible for the organization and the handling of bookings and the relations between the tour operator and the hotels.
During these years I gained first experiences in guiding tours and I really had a lot of fun doing it. Here in Santorini, I worked as a reception and front desk manager in 3 different hotels responsible for booking management, room allocation, organization and accounting. I also worked in the customer service department of a travel agency.

Throughout these years I got to know the island very well and, therefore, I can guarantee you the best assistance in planning and organizing your private tour on this beautiful island. Of course I can also help you with any other question or service needed. I am looking forward to meeting you and show you why I fell so much in love with this amazing place!

Learn more about Markos

Markos Kyriakakis your personal tour assistant will make your excursions in santorini unforgetable
Hi I am Markos Kyriakakis your personal tour assistant. Married to Fani, having two kids. I am German-Greek and spent almost 25 years in Germany, 2 years in UK and of course several years in Santorini. I acquired a Bachelor degree from the University of Piraeus in Shipping Studies and a Master’s degree from the University of Plymouth in International Shipping. I speak excellent German, Greek and English.
In my younger age I was working as a Shipbroker and for many years I worked for Maersk Sealand, dealing both with vessels and customers all over the world. I am also teaching the German language in a private school in Santorini, having acquired the license and permission from the Goethe Institute in Munich and the Greek Ministry of Education.

Moreover I combine several skills to make your santorini excursion with SantoriniExperts worth it. I am very experienced having participated in hundreds excursions in the past years. Humor, flexibility, knowledge and the passion to serve my guest's wishes characterizes me. I am both, very friendly and professional.

Learn more about Sabine

 am Sabine Schulte
Hi I am Sabine Schulte I finished an apprenticeship as a physician's assistant and later I worked in an architectural office. Even though I was born in Germany, my love for Greece was already born in a very young age. From the first time I had visited this country I knew that I want to live here some day and when I first stepped on this island 30 years ago the decision about where in Greece to settle was taken.
I loved learning about the volcanic history and the traditions of Santorini and feel great joy in explaining it to our guest. For 18 years now I work as a guide on this very special island and would be glad to meet you some day.

I am a very creative person, I love to read, paint and craft. And now that my son is all grown up I am active in animal welfare and surround myself with cats and dogs.

Learn more about Dimitris

My name is Dimitris Chatzakis
My name is Dimitris Chatzakis. was born in Athens Greece and after graduating from high school I studied accounting. Quickly I realized that I did not belong into an office but out in the real world and that is why I chose to work in the tourist sector. I am married to Katerina and father to three children. My family moved to Santorini because my wife was recruited as a nurse to the local hospital.
was immediately impressed by the history and landscape of this fascinating island. At first I started to work for several hotels, but when I met Markos and Kathrin and learned about SantoriniExperts I knew this is my destiny. My family is now happy in Santorini and I am very excited and passionate about my job.

I would love to meet you personally and show you the places that I love on our beautiful island.

Learn more about Sandra

I am Sandra Ebner
I am Sandra Ebner, I’m Swiss and live here on the island of Santorini. I speak Swiss German, High-German, English, a little French and I’m learning Greek. I successfully completed an apprenticeship as a florist and subsequently as a management assistant. Furthermore, I am a certified “wedding planner VUSH / SAWI”. My passion in each job has always been to offer the clients only the best and to cater to their individual convenience and needs. Positivity, helpfully, happiness and the passion to organize, are characterizing me.
When I came to Santorini for the first time, I fell in love head over heels and I believe that you will too. The island is a place of power; the narrow streets, the charm and the stories of the people are inspiring and full of energy. The hospitality, the incredibly good food and last but not least the stunning view over the caldera will inspire and enchant you just like it did inspire and enchant me.

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